The Little Shop of Horrors and Disney Connection

Introduction Forty years after its original Off-Broadway premiere in 1982, Little Shop of Horrors continues to be a global phenomenon and has become one of the most popular American musicals. The success of Little Shop is largely due to the 1986 film directed by Frank Oz. The musical is finding success once again in theContinue reading “The Little Shop of Horrors and Disney Connection”

Bernstein, Blitzstein and West Side Story

Did Leonard Bersntein intentionally steal Marc Blitzstein’s music in order to write West Side Story? Did Marc Blitzstein originally come up with the idea for a modern day Romeo and Juilet? Read all about it in my new dissertation. I would love to hear your comments and have a healthy conversation about this topic!

I Like Your Style: An Opinionated Analysis on Cy Coleman’s Broadway Musicals

On June 14th 1929, 91 years ago, Cy Coleman the great tunes-smith who traversed the music worlds of pop, musical theater and jazz during the 20th century was born. In his lifetime, Cy Coleman has collected many accolades for his music, penned over fourteen musical scores, ten of which have been performed on Broadway, wroteContinue reading “I Like Your Style: An Opinionated Analysis on Cy Coleman’s Broadway Musicals”

The Best of All Possible Costumes: Q&A with Tony Award Winning Costume Designer, Judith Dolan

“I think the hardest thing in the world to do is a musical and I have many fellow designers who agree with that. It is the hardest art form to pull off.” – Judith Dolan    Introduction: This is our story rich and rare!  As you see from this picture above, what is a TonyContinue reading “The Best of All Possible Costumes: Q&A with Tony Award Winning Costume Designer, Judith Dolan”

The Theater of Scott Frankel & Michael Korie

Introduction From a decaying mansion in the nasty republican town of East Hampton, to a picture perfect suburban house in Hartford, to the beauty salons on New York’s Fifth Avenue, Composer Scott Frankel and Lyricist Michael Korie have taken their audiences to interesting and dramatic slices of American life through their Broadway musicals. The charactersContinue reading “The Theater of Scott Frankel & Michael Korie”

I’m Obsessed: “Applause”

In this blog, I discuss my obsession with the 1970’s musical Applause! I hope to make future blogs about other shows I’m obsessed with but for now, let’s step into world of 1970’s New York City at the Palace Theater! BACKGROUND: “Welcome to the Theater! To the Magic! To the Fun!” Applause is a 1970Continue reading “I’m Obsessed: “Applause””

Statues and Stories: My Musical Trip to Italia

Written August 4th 2017 OVERTURE This past July, I had one of the most life changing and wonderful opportunities of my life, performing musical theater in Italy! I have just returned back to the states, and boy am I jetlagged! I wanted to blog about the highlights of my trip, the wonderful people whom IContinue reading “Statues and Stories: My Musical Trip to Italia”